CPO Futures Trading


Launched in October 1980, Crude Palm Oil Futures is the most successful commodity futures contract in Malaysia. The main users of the futures market include the refiners, plantations, millers, brokers and dealers. Since the conversion to screen-based trading from the open outcry, trading volume has increased considerably. The annual turnover in recent years were:

2007 2,793,560
2008 3,003,549
2009 4,008,882
2010 4,064,361
2011 5,871,132

TA Futures has been actively involved in the trading of Crude Palm Oil Futures since the conversion to electronic trading from open outcry. Currently, our clientele includes both individual and institutional clients from the Asean region, Europe, USA, India and China.
As of September 2010, all Bursa Malaysia Derivatives products are traded on CME Globex.


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